Film Marketing Course

Film Marketing Plan
How to write a Film Marketing Plan
The main aim of film marketing is to get as much exposure to a targeted audience to sell your film
Film Marketing Goals
How to Define your Film Marketing Goals
Keep in mind you constantly pitching, to the audience, the media, festivals and distributors. Most likely a financier or distributor will ask you, what is the goal of your film.
Design your Film Landing Page
How to Create a Landing Page for your Film
Step-by-step through the technical terms to have a perfectly professional film landing page.
How to Write a Logline (the easy way)
Pitch your Film with a Logline
You must be able to pitch your film in 10 seconds, the logline explains what your film is about. Imagine a producer is standing in front of you, now pitch the perfect logline to get his attention.
Top Box Office Feature Film Logline Examples
Feature Film Logline Examples
The best way to write a logline for your film is to look at examples of top performing feature films. Here is an massive list of successful films that includes loglines and their taglines.
Top Box Office Documentary Logline Examples
Documentary Logline Examples
Writing your Documentary Logline is as important as the concept itself. Here are logline examples that shows you how to describe your film so that producers and film investors know what your documentary is about.
Choosing the Right Genre for Your Film
How to Choose Film Genre with Examples
Film genre is to categorize your film in a specific tone so producers, distributors and most of all the audience knows what to expect. Here is the full list of genre and sub-genre with examples to define your film.
Built-in Film Audience
How to Build your Film Audience
Yes, it is possible to know exactly who your film audience is going to be.
List of Top Tier Film Markets to Sell Your Film
Sell your Film at Top Film Markets
Film Markets are all about the business of film, where filmmakers and distributors buy and sell films. It is different to a film festival which is a competition, film markets is where film distribution deals take place.
Film Landing Page
How to Design your Film Landing Page
Your film page is optimized as a resource for audience, journalists and distributors to find information. No need to build a website.
How to setup your IMDB Page
The IMDB listing is one of the strongest assets for your film and it needs to be accurate and up-to-date.
Film Press Kit
Download your Film Press Kit
Download your film press kit in pdf to send to film festivals, the media and distributors.
Film Reviews
How to get Reviews for your Film
Film Press Release
How to get Press Coverage for your Film
Create a film press release that you can distribute to your social networks, submit to news organisations and get awareness.
Independent Film Marketing and Distribution
How to Market and Distribute an Independent Film
Independent film marketing and self distribution goes hand in hand. You need to be able to drive a targeted audience to the platform to sell your film.
Independent Film Distribution
How to get Distribution for your Film
Self-distribution gives you complete control over the entire process, from marketing to pricing and the overall viewer experience.
Film Marketing: Promote your Film
How to Market your Indie Film
You, as an independent filmmaker, can now use film marketing online to grow and engage your audience.
Film Marketing Tools
Film Marketing Tools
Essential Tools to Independently Market and Distribute your Film
Film Guide
Film Guide
The guide will show you how to write a logline, choose your genre and set up your imdb page
Film Brand
How to create a Film Brand