Frequent Questions

Filmbuzz was created with the purpose of independent filmmakers to market their films, grow their audience and get distribution.

The Goal of FilmBuzz

For Filmmakers:

  1. prepare your film for film festivals and distributors
  2. find and grow your online audience
  3. match your film to distribution opportunities

For Distributors, Aggregators and Streaming Platforms:

  1. list your company in the directory
  2. be found by filmmakers to submit strategic content
  3. directy contact filmmakers in the film directory
FilmBuzz intelligently matches films with distribution through the personalized dashboard

Who is FilmBuzz

FilmBuzz is developed and maintained by Lilian Baksalevowicz, a veteran filmmaker that has marketed the film industry since 2001, PR at film festivals and also runs, developing films ready for funding. See Linkedin profile.

Currently our combined newsletter database is 80,000+ professional filmmakers plus a following of 60,000+ social followers.

FilmBuzz is the next step to take hundreds of projects forward into distribution.

Do you fund films?

No, we guide films toward distribution. For funding see Film Grants on

Restricted Content

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