Account Questions

Frequently Asked Account Questions

What are the membership levels

  • Free: It is for you to develop your film, but you cannot publish 'make public', so your eyes only.
  • Producer: Add your film, get leads to your audience, create a press kit, get subscribers. 
    Producer is for filmmakers that want to create awareness of their film, grow your film audience and be found by Distributors
  • Distributor: Add films, create a company, contact filmmakers. Distributor is for Distributors to find films, able to see insider information such as Audience and Contact details.

What is Published and Make Secret

  • Published: You will see on your pages there is a 'make public' button, that means it will be available to audience, share to your networks and picked up by Google.
  • Secret means only you can see it.

Lost Password?

No problem, just continue to request a new password, check you mailbox, then click on the link to get back in.

Inactive Accounts

Due to the large web space used up by images and film content, inactive accounts (after 6 months) will be contacted, if no reply, will then be deleted.