What kind of films can I add?

The whole object is to get film distribution, so only documentaries, feature films and series over 20 minutes long.

At what stage of production must the film be?

The film must at least be in pre-production, if your film is complete and ready for distribution, even better.

What do I need to add a film?

Filmbuzz will guide you step-by-step how to write a logline, synopsis, press kit and all the details film festivals and distributors need. In preparation, you need:

  1. a great poster for your film
  2. a hero image (1920x1080px)
  3. a superb teaser or trailer available on YouTube or Vimeo

How do I find Distribution?

Find a distributor, streaming platform or aggregator in the Distribution Directory

Example of Films

Sure thing, see the Film Directory

Can I add my film if it's just an idea?

If you film is still in development, it is best you start your film marketing plan and once you are ready, come back and just login.

Do you fund films?

No, we guide films toward distribution. For funding see Film Grants on FilmDaily.tv

Distribution Directory

See the Film Distribution Directory