Film Marketing Plan Template

Create your film marketing plan online with ease, then download it in pdf.
Develop your Film Marketing Plan Online

No reason to be stuck on your film marketing strategy, here is a film marketing template for you to develop your film into a professional presentation.

What is the Film Marketing Plan Template

The film marketing template is an online system that guides you every step of the way until you are ready to publish, share or download via pdf. 

1. Develop your Film

  • How to write your logline
  • Optimize your tagline
  • How to structure your synopsis
  • Choose the correct Genre
  • Understand the Theme and how it fits in with distribution
  • Add all the technical info investors, media and distributors need
Be available in the film directory, where film professionals browse for new projects.

2. Build your Audience

  • Find your optimal Audience through keywords
  • Engage by sharing your film
  • Drive traffic to your Social Networks
Add Social Value to your Film

Benefits of the Film Marketing Plan Template

  1. No need to build a website
  2. Structured and optimised for Google
  3. Mobile ready, clear on all devices
  4. Get traffic from funders, distributors and streaming platforms looking for fresh content
Develop your film to be ready for Distribution

What kind of films can I add?

  1. Only documentaries, feature film and series. Sorry, no short films.
  2. Films need to be in pre-production, shooting, post-production or complete.
  3. A reputable production company or experienced talent must be attached.
Aim to make a profit through Independent Distribution

How much you ask?

It's free! You are able to develop your strategy, build your audience until you are ready to publish your film. Then you should look at the membership options to go to the next level.

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