Film Landing Page

Your film page is optimized as a resource for audience, journalists and distributors to find information. No need to build a website.
How to Design your Film Landing Page

What is a Film Landing Page

Your film landing page is a mini-site designed and optimized as a film project, which you can change at any time. No need to build a website.

Simply describe your film to the audience so that they can connect and become fans of your film.

Benefits of the Film Landing Page

It is important to present your film in the correct format to Media, Film Festivals and Distributors.

  1. Appear in the Film Directory where Distributors browse for fresh content
  2. Highly optimized in 'Movie Schema' format, like IMDB, so your film appears as rich results on Google
  3. Easily shareable to your social networks, via Whatsapp and email
  4. All the details your audience, the media or distributors need to get involved
Grow your audience as they have the capability to sign up to your socials and/or newsletter.

Start to Design your Film Landing Page

How to Complete your Film Landing Page

Film Brand

How to find right Name for your Film

  • Important: Check if the name of your film exists, if it does, change your title.

  • Check Google what kind of results come up and if it's related to the subject of your film.

Tip: If you need to change your film title, try finding a word that relates to your audience, like a place or keyword.

Key Art

Add an image to represent your film

  • Do not add the title or any text, just a clean image (1920x1080px)
  • Good place to design your image is
  • Make sure the image is original without copyright
Tip: see the media guide

Small Poster

Add a small poster that will appear in the film directory

  • Just add the title and tagline (267x387px)
Tip: For designing a poster, see the media guide


Your teaser or trailer available on YouTube or Vimeo

Film Type

Select the type of film in the list

Feature film documentary, series or short film

Film Status

This is the current stage of your film, you can change as you progress

  1. Concept Stage: This is when you have the idea, and the script is written
  2. Pre-Production: Key Teams (Director, Cinematographer, Cast) have signed onto the project.
  3. in Production: Next crew comes on board (Production Manager, Line Producer, Assistant Director, etc). Budget and locations are in place.
  4. Shooting: Actual filming is taking place in studio or locations
  5. Post Production: Shooting is complete, film is in editing phase
  6. Completed: The film is finalized and looking for Distribution
  7. Available to Watch: Film is available in cinemas or VOD platforms
Tip: You are more likely to get response from distributors if your film is in pre-production, a completed film is the best option

Goal: what do you want to achieve

What is your intention by adding your film to

  • Looking for Funding: You are looking for investors to fund your film
  • Looking for Distribution: Here Distributors can find you to make an offer for distribution
  • Watch my Film: You will have a link available to drive audience to watch your film

IMDB Listing

This is highly important, it will be the first thing Distributors, Media and Film Festivals check.


The IMDB listing is one of the strongest assets for your film and it needs to be accurate and up-to-date.

Write your Logline

The logline is what you would find in film guides to convince the viewer to watch your film

Missing content item.

Write your Synopsis

The synopsis is telling the story in a concise manner

  • Add the synopsis no more than 300 characters
  • Write in a visual manner, giving the mood and development of the characters
  • Do not give away the ending

Check out this article on how to write a synopsis by Masterclass

💡 Tip: If your film is in 3 acts, write 3 paragraphs


The length of the film

  • How many minutes does your film run for

Add Genre

Genre is a standard list in the industry to classify your film for the audience, media and distributors

Choosing the Right Genre for Your Film

Film genre is to categorize your film in a specific tone so producers, distributors and most of all the audience knows what to expect. Here is the full list of genre and sub-genre with examples to define your film.

Add Theme

Theme is a wider category and defines the audience interests by keywords

  • Example themes are: Spirituality and Faith, Health and Fitness, Family and Children, Bollywood, etc

Country of Origin

  • Which country is the originator of the film, not where it is shooting, but production base

Key Crew and Cast

Add the names of the people contracted to your film

  • Just add the Key Crew and Cast
  • Director is required

Technical Details

  • Year of Release
  • Camera and Lens
  • Shooting Locations
  • Frame Rate
  • Rating

That's it! Once you done, you can publish.

  1. Easily share your film to social networks, send via whatsapp and email to drive awareness
  2. Audience: Include your social links and get new fans for your film
  3. Statistics: See how many times your film page has been viewed